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Common Questions We Hear about Pressure-Washing

Here are the most common questions we receive when working with home and business owners.

1. How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Home?

  • Since we live in an area with long and damp winters, it's normal to wash your home (depending on shade, moisture levels, etc), once a year, but we have many customers who clean every other or every third year. In rare cases, we clean twice a year, and for heavily trafficked commercial areas we clean monthly.

2. Can I Do It Myself or Hire a Professional?

  • Anyone (within reason) can DIY: If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, getting wet and dirty, you can mostly likely accomplish this task yourself. For most of our customers, the time investment, equipment, manual labor restrictions, and convenience are they key factors for hiring this work out.

  • If you do want to do it yourself, a quick google search for the the best nozzles and cleaning products for your home type is a great idea.

3. When Is the Best Time for Pressure Washing?

  • Late Spring: Pollen has been washed away by rain, and warmer weather arrives. Choose a sunny day for optimal drying.

4. What Surfaces Can I Pressure Wash?

  • Siding: Remove dirt, mold, and mildew from siding.

  • Brick: Restore its original beauty.

  • Decking: Prepare for re-staining.

  • Concrete: Clean driveways, walkways, patios, etc

  • Other Exterior Materials: Fences, Sheds, roofing material (if applicable), garbage cans, .

5. Does Pressure Washing Help Allergies?

  • By reducing allergens on exterior surfaces, pressure washing can help minimize allergy symptoms for your family.

6. Do you also clean windows?

  • Our services do not include window cleaning, but there are many great companies locally who do provide that as well. The exterior windows of your home will be washed and rinsed thoroughly, however, we do not squeegee, or soap them for a streak free shine as you might want.


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