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Should I just do it myself?

Many folks ask me, "Can I do this pressure-washing myself?"

I always tell them - ABSOLUTELY!

There is nothing special about washing things with high-pressure water. Almost anyone with 30 minutes of training can safely operate a pressure-washer and complete their own project.

Here's a good Beginner Video to get you started!

The reason most customer end up contracting with us anyways are:

-Time: they don't have the time to complete the project themselves.

-Equipment: Given some extra tools and attachments, a job that might take a homeowner all day, might take us 2-3 hours (Larger Pumps - more gpm - extension wands, surface cleaners to name a few).

-Safety: Many homeowners struggle with ladders or don't want to damage anything, so they trust someone who does this regularly.

Reach out for any tips if you want to do this yourself, or if you're looking to engage a professional this season!


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