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The Eclipse

For many of us in Northeast Ohio, this weekend was action packed.

The Women's Final Four hosted downtown.

The Eclipse Yesterday. Followed by Guardians opening day at Progressive Field.


However, my personal highlight was yesterday from the eclipse.

Now, I was one of the people downplaying that event.

"Sure, it's going to get dark for a minute."

"Why would someone travel for this?"

"Who is missing a whole day of work for this?"

"I'm going to work anyway..."

However, I was actually inspired by the 4 minutes of totality.

The change in temperature, the evening like darkness, the whole world almost frozen for a minute.

But the most impactful things was the beauty. I was not expecting to be so awed by the beauty of this event. Like nothing I had ever seen. Awed by nature. By natural beauty.

If you want to be awed by the natural beauty hidden under the dirt and grime on your home or business - feel free to text or call.


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