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Spider Droppings... Yes It's a Thing.

So if you have a front or back porch that attracts a lot of spiders and webs, you may have noticed these black and yellow dots all over your siding. We recently completely a project in Lakewood where the webs were formidable! These are actually spider dropping and don't come off with regular soap, scrubbing or even pressure washing - and you need to be careful because more harsh chemicals like bleach or rubbing alcohol and remove the finish of siding in some cases.

So what to do to remove these?

Try Scrubbing Bubbles, let it soak then scrub off.

Try Scrubbing Bubbles Magic Eraser scrub it furiously.

Pressure washing can remove some, but not all of these stains. Just a friendly hint if you're looking to clean your home of these pesky stains properly.

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